Small Note About The Manakamana temple - With 10 Pic.

The Manakamana Temple Is Nepali Most Popular Temple which is situated in the Gorkha district.which is the sacred place of the Hindu Goddess Bhagwati.

Manakamana Name is from two words, “mana” meaning heart and “kamana” meaning wish. which is established in the 17th century.
The Manakamana lies 12 km south of  Gorkha Town.
The legend of Manakamana Goddess dates back to the reign of by the Gorkha king Ram Shah

Some time ago, the only way to reach The Manakamana temple was by a long strenuous trek for about three hours(3-4 Hr ).
But Now, there is a service of a cable car from kurintar, just 5 kilometers (KM.) east of Mugling to The Manakamana.
 The cable car rides over the distance of 2.8 kilometers in Just 8 minutes more or less

situated in the Gorkha district

Manakamana Temple Is Nepali Most Populer Temple  

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