How To Approve Google Adsense Account For Website

͍⧪ Flow This Post for Fast Approve with a safe way

1) Create At list 20 Post with  200 To 800 Word Per Article

2) Public 1 Article Per Day ( at list 5 per week )

3) Use At list 1 image per post 

4)Share On Facebook, Youtube, what's App Or Other social Site For Traffic ( at list 100 views per post

5)Don't Use Paid Traffic or other Way 

6) Get at list 10 views  From Google Chrome (Tip: Request Your Friends )

7)You need Top Laval Domin Name 
Get free  Domin- 
com  .net   .info   .in  .UK    .us    .com.NP   .ooo  

(TIP: If you are Nepali You Can Get  .COM.NP Domin For Free )

8) Supported Language 
Example :[Note : This language only support For Google AdSense Approval ]
Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (simplified)     
Chinese (traditional)  ,Croatian ,  Czech  , Danish, Dutch  ,  English  ,   Estonian *
Filipino  ,   Finnish     ,French     ,    German   , Greek   , Hebrew    ,Hindi     , Hungarian
Indonesian    , Italian  ,     Japanese    ,   Korean      ,  Latvian
Lithuanian   ,  Malay   ,  Norwegian     ,  Polish   ,   Portuguese   ,  Romanian
Russian ,   Serbian   ,Vietnamese  ,  Slovak
Slovenian *    ,Spanish   ,  Spanish (Latin American)  ,   Swedish
Tamil   ,  Telugu ,   Thai    ,Turkish , Ukrainian , Urdu , etc.

9)Use This Theme Free This from this download button


10) Don't Create 2 or more Adsense account from same name or IP

11) Create at list 6 Page

Home ,About Us , DISCLAIMERS ,Privacy Policy,  Other 2 Base on You Website

12) You need At list total 3000 Page views 

13)don't Copy Others post use 80%+ Your Content

14)Don't Use Image with others watermark

15)Give your social link in website / contact form

16)Use White Background For Full website

For More visit this website home page thank You For Reading This post Have a good Time

 -Post By Admin
     Amit Panta
  Chitwan, Nepal 

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